I was so excited, honoured, thrilled – you name it – to photograph Heather’s birth experience. When she booked with me, I couldn’t wait to be a part of her journey.

When I met Heather, she instantly inspired me. Right away I could see that she was exceptionally kind, loving, strong, brave and such a genuinely happy soul. I love that she is now a proud mama of twins – a beautiful girl, Oceana, and a beautiful boy, Delfin.

So how did this birth story go down in history? … Heather had a planned induction for the morning of January 25 and was hoping things would move along in an orderly fashion. 24 hours after being induced, Heather had not made any progress so the decision was made to go into surgery. Typically for birth photography, the photographer goes to the hospital once active labour starts. Since that didn’t happen in this case and I wasn’t allowed into the operating room during surgery, I waited patiently for “the call” that would let me know that surgery had gone well and I could come and see everyone.

Once I got word that surgery was complete and Heather was in recovery, I grabbed my gear and headed to the hospital. When I was finally allowed to go into the room, I was informed that I only had 10 minutes to photograph everything as the babies were being transported to the NICU for low blood sugar levels. Amazingly, after about 20 minutes in the room their blood sugar levels started rising and I was able to stay and capture things for almost 3 hours. I was sooo happy about that!

Here are some sneak peek images from my time in the room …

Calgary Twin Birth Photography (2) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (5) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (6) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (3) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (4) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (7) Calgary Twin Birth Photography (1)

When creating the birth story video, I was able to incorporate some photos taken by the sweet nurses in the OR including ones of the babies being born, weighed and with Heather for the first time. Heather is also hearing impaired so I included some of the song lyrics on the slides so she could see them throughout the video. Her interpreter, Brenda, was with her for the entire experience and was the nicest person, let me tell you. I wanted to hug her the whole time, honestly!

Enjoy the slideshow of images from the day Oceana & Delfin were born :: January 26, 2014.