The day Maggie was born will always be one of the happiest days of my life. Being present to see and document my niece coming into the world was nothing short of amazing.

My sister Carolyn lives in Victoria, BC. We had talked about the option of me coming there to photograph her birth but knew it was highly unlikely I would make it in time as we live a province away from each other and of course time to travel and plan how to drop everything and run quickly was going to be tough. But it truly worked out in the most perfect way possible. It was obviously meant to be.

Carolyn called me around 1 am on August 6th to tell me that her water broke. My mind immediately started racing with thoughts of excitement for her and her husband Jesse, wondering how this was all going to play out for them and …. if I could actually get there to photograph their story for them. I sat on my couch in the middle of the night, thinking about a plan and the possibility of getting on a plane. It was the long weekend so my husband Matt was home and could stay with Landon and Levi. Matt’s niece Elaina was also with us for the month of August and could help out with care for the boys. I sat there for about half an hour, checked out some flights and decided to go for it. I arrived at the airport at 6:30 am, got on my flight at 8 am and was in Victoria at Carolyn’s front door by 9 am BC time.

When I arrived at their house, Carolyn’s contractions were between 7-8 minutes apart and things were progressing nicely. With the loving support of Jesse and her doula, Carolyn moved through labour throughout the day with control and determination. By 5 pm, she was pushing with the support of her incredible midwife and at 8:20 pm …. Maggie Raina Gisborne was with us. I will never forget the feeling of watching my sister become a mother right in front of me. What an experience I cannot put into words.

Congratulations Carolyn & Jesse! Maggie – you were born into the loving arms of two people who would do anything for you and find comfort having you in their lives. You’re a lucky gal. I love you very much.

Erin xo

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