After photographing this family’s maternity session last fall, I was excited to document the birth of their second daughter in November. But little Jaclyn had other plans! Janice’s labour went so quickly, she didn’t even realize how fast things had actually progressed. After a few hours of off and on contractions that eventually led up to a few intense contractions without warning, Jaclyn was born at home in the bath tub – directly into her mama’s own hands. When I chatted with Janice about their lifestyle session a couple weeks later, she wanted to make sure we incorporated some photos of her with Jaclyn in the bath tub to represent where and how she was born. I thought it was the perfect idea to remember her birth story.

When I walked into Janice & Jason’s home, I immediately fell in love with all the colourful walls and unique décor everywhere. But what I noticed right away that I loved even more was how their home represented them so well and really showed love and life from their daily goings on. You could tell they had poured their hearts into creating a personal space and that memories were being made there. It was homey but stylish, unique but comfy.

There were so many genuine and fun moments during this shoot, I just had to post more photos than I normally would. Check out their session images below!

Erin xo