I’ve photographed this lovely family for the last 4 years and I always enjoy our sessions together. This year they wanted some canola fields in their images so we waited until July and found the perfect spot.

Here are a bunch of images from our time together, enjoy!

And just like that, another summer comes to a close. Looking through all the images I’ve taken over the last few months always makes me grateful and appreciative for my happy and healthy family and puts in perspective how lucky we are. This summer was extra special as we had Matt’s niece Elaina stay with us for the month of August, I witnessed the birth of my niece in Victoria, Matt and Landon spent 10 days in Ontario together, we attended Matt’s brother’s wedding, we had many family members visit from out of town, Landon started Preschool 4, we made many day to day memories with our boys and most importantly we prepared for the arrival of Baby Shep 3 who is due very soon! See – lucky.

A huge thank you as always to everyone who followed along and supported my annual photo series. You guys are seriously the best.

Erin xo

These two love each other so much but they also go head to head every day. Brothers.

My Levi.


Love that sweet face.

Two little beauties.

Beautiful mother & daughter.

A champagne toast to celebrate their engagement. Seriously, how sweet are these two?!

The sky was amazing tonight, giving off a soft and beautiful warm light. And then it started to rain, it was gorgeous. This photo is almost straight out of camera with no retouching so you can see the full warmth of the light coming in the house.

Today was Landon’s first day of Preschool 4! He was so excited to go back and see his friends and teachers.