Two little beauties.

Beautiful mother & daughter.

A champagne toast to celebrate their engagement. Seriously, how sweet are these two?!

The sky was amazing tonight, giving off a soft and beautiful warm light. And then it started to rain, it was gorgeous. This photo is almost straight out of camera with no retouching so you can see the full warmth of the light coming in the house.

Today was Landon’s first day of Preschool 4! He was so excited to go back and see his friends and teachers.

I picked up this kids table for $10 and the boys love it. They colour and read and love hanging out together there.

We made a paper chain as a countdown to when baby is scheduled to arrive! The boys take a link off each morning and love talking about what it will be like when baby is finally here.

Time for a haircut, Mr. Levi.

Amiya with bare feet (she was tired of her shoes) and Mason holding a leaf he discovered … Dad kissing Mom’s cheek … I just love the realness of this family photo!

My favourite season is technically a week and a half away but there are signs of fall everywhere in Calgary. I saw this perfect piece at Michaels the other day and had to pick it up.